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Been working with metal projects for over 40 years.

We have some of the most unique and up to date projects.

 Pineda's metal custom designs

is not just web page for motorcycle parts but a place of invention!

It's a web page where you bring your ideas and make them real. 

We are always interested in new and exciting ideas and 

willing to take on some of the most difficult projects.

 Our auto cad drawings allow us to analyze a project before

beginning it so that there are no mistakes and our customers

are completely satisfied. 

We love putting new ideas to use. If you have that special

something you always thought about making, now is the

time! This is the place to make your thoughts a reality!

Bring your project to us.

If you need something welded or repaired, we can do that too .


We use online TRANSLATER Spanish, Russian, French, German and all other countries.


We Meet All Challenges. 


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